About Our Team

Lorraine Imberlorraine.jpg
Children's Centre Group Manager

Tel: 07825 355 861
Email: manager@albanway.org.uk

My professional background is in family support.  In 2007 I completed the National Professional Qualification in Integrated Centre Leadership.  I continue to update my knowledge, keeping in touch with new developments and research, particularly around babies brain development.  I really enjoy the work of the Children's Centres, the community we serve, the friendships that develop and, of course, being part of a great team.

When I'm not working here I like to spend time in my garden and enjoy all things relating to gardening.   I love reading and enjoy cooking for my family and friends and getting creative with arts and crafts.

Giovanna Goodiergiv_goodier.jpg
Children's Centre Group CoOrdinator

Tel: 07833 058 735
Email: coord@albanway.org.uk

Hello I’m Giovanna.  I have worked in various family support teams over 15 years.  I have worked with parents, children and young people in groups and individually, but the under 5’s are my favourite so I’m excited to be working in the children's centre.

I have the NVQ Level 4 award in working with parents (intense support for families with multiple and complex needs), the NVQ Level 4 in Care, Learning and Development, the HNC in Early Childhood Studies and the DNN in Nursery Nursing, but of course my two boys keep me on my toes and make sure I'm up to date with practical experience!

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family.  I have recently taught myself how to crochet and have started to learn how to sew and have even managed to make a few things that actually resemble what I thought I was making!

Our Fantastic Outreach Workers

Haley Andrewshaley_andrews_cropped.jpg.png
Outreach Worker

Tel: 07917 751 860
Email: haley@albanway.org.uk

Hello my name is Haley, and I have worked here as an Outreach Worker since March 2016.  I have worked with families and particularly new parents for over 15 years.  It is always rewarding to be able to support families through the early days of new parenthood.

I’m sure at some point you will see me either at Post Natal Group, Baby Massage, Introduction to Solids or, later on, one of our parenting programmes - it would be rare to see me at Rhymetime as I tend to leave that for someone that can hit the right notes!

I have 4 grown up children, and a beautiful granddaughter that, if you have met me, I’m sure you would’ve heard all about!  To be honest, I don’t seem to have much spare time but when I do, I am learning to enjoy cooking and try to run twice a week.

Heli Galvezheli_cropped.jpg
Outreach Worker

Tel: 07768 796 555
Email: heli@albanway.org.uk

Hello my name is Heli and I am the overseas contingent at The Alban Way Children’s Centre, which I joined in May 2015.  Despite working at other local Children’s Centres before, I feel I am still learning and experiencing something new every day!  Apart from working at Children’s Centres, my background also involves studies (NNEB + degree in Social Studies) and working in various early year settings, both overseas and in England, over the past 17 years.

From a personal point of view, my own offspring & family experiences have contributed most towards my understanding of what other parents are going through during the first years of parenting; I thoroughly enjoy meeting and supporting parents in the caring of their children.

As part of my role, I’m also a Certified Infant Massage Instructor trained by I.A.I.M and run the Baby Massage classes.  I can also be found singing at Rhyme Times, welcoming new parents to postnatal group or facilitating play and learn sessions for parents and toddlers.  I look forward to meeting you and your family very soon!

Katie Hildrethkatie_hildreth_cropped.png
Outreach Worker

Tel: 07768 723 961
Email: katie@albanway.org.uk

Hello my name is Katie, I am an outreach worker and the newest member of the team.  My background of working with children has, for the past 12 years, been in Primary Schools specialising in Speech and Language and Behavioural Support.

I am married and have my own three, now grown up, children and four beautiful grandchildren - oh, and two doggies, a fish and three guinea pigs!  So my home life is very busy.

I am enjoying the busy and varied role at the children’s centre, and since joining the team you can find me facilitating at different groups, supporting families in the wider community and training to learn new skills, including becoming a qualified infant massage instructor (which I love).

Brogan Jennisonbrogan_jennison_cropped.jpg
Outreach Worker

Tel: 07768 751 680
Email: brogan@albanway.org.uk

Hello, my name is Brogan and I am one of the Outreach Workers here at the Children’s Centre.  I started working here in January 2017 and am thoroughly enjoying it.  I completed a social work degree in September 2016 and hoped for a career working daily with children and their families, which I am now very lucky to be doing.

No two days are the same in my role, you may see me in a parent and toddler group, during a home visit or at a two year funded book corner visit.  In addition to this I am also an IAIM trained baby massage instructor, taking 5 week courses with mummies and babies which is really lovely.  I love working with and supporting families and meeting new ones regularly!  It is also great to be a part of such a welcoming, friendly, hardworking and helpful team!

Helen Parnellhelen_parnell_cropped_v2.jpg
Senior Outreach Worker

Tel: 07747 475 187
Email: helen@albanway.org.uk

Hello! My name's Helen; I've worked with children and families for 20 years, working in all different sectors but predominantly in Children Centres in Essex, London & Hertfordshire.  I enjoy supporting children and families to achieve their goals and helping them to move forward positively.  I believe in early support and the benefits that parents and children gain from getting help and support at an early stage, whether it’s in the family home or in a group setting.

You may have seen me in a parenting group or two!  I enjoy delivering parenting programmes, and it makes me happy when I can make a difference to family lives, even if it's in the smallest way.

I have a level 3 in childcare and I have a Foundation Degree in Child Education and Wellbeing.  Unlike most of my colleagues, I’m not great at singing so if you find me in a group please help me out!

Fiona Taylorfiona_taylor.jpg
Outreach Worker
** Currently on Leave **

Hey! My names Fiona and I have been working with children in the Early Years for 11 years now; having completed the CACHE Level 3 in Early Childhood Studies, I then went onto university where I gained a BA Hons in Early Childhood Studies/Education.  I have worked in nursery and school settings as a Nursery Nurse over the last 11 years, until I decided to explore a different route of working more directly with families too.  Keen and eager to learn, I have since qualified as a Baby Massage Instructor, completed a Level 3 NVQ in Working with Parents and have learnt many new things through various training courses!

I love meeting new people and have a lot of passion for child development.  Having a daughter of my own, I am always on a journey, both professionally and personally, so this has always inspired me to work with other families.

Whilst I love my job….I can’t say the same about my singing voice and struggle to hit those high notes, as you may have noticed at Tuesday's Bookstart Rhymetime sessions!  Nevertheless, I have lots of fun!

The Amazing Admin Team

(can you tell that we are in charge of updating this website?!)

Tracey Hartleytracey_hartley_1.jpg
Children's Centre Admin Manager

Email: admin.manager@albanway.org.uk

Hello! I’m Tracey, and you will often find me in our tiny cupboard of an office at Fleetville Junior School, surrounded by papers, pen in mouth, tapping away on my keyboard, trying to work something out! Saying that, I’m always happy to see people and help out where I can – and if I can’t help, I know a great team that can!! My role is very varied and offers new challenges each and every day; my job is hectic but very rewarding – no two days are the same so there’s definitely no chance of getting bored!

In my spare time, I am Mum to two gorgeous teenagers, which leaves very little time for anything else!

Sally Scarlettsally_scarlett.jpg
Children's Centre Data Administrator

Email:  data.admin@albanway.org.uk

Hi, I'm Sally.  I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, but data is my speciality so you will usually find me scrabbling amongst spreadsheets and evaluation forms.  This is important for the centre because our funding is reliant on being able to show the numbers of families benefiting from our services, as well as being able to evidence specific things that children and parents have gained from their contact with us.  I love doing this here because I strongly believe in the work of children's centres, being a local mum with a young child and having benefited myself in the past from children's centre services.  And it is an exciting team to work with including a range of interesting, lively and caring individuals!

Kate Barkerkate_barker.jpg
Children's Centre Administrator

Email:  admin.assist@albanway.org.uk

I am Kate, also known as bookings@albanway.org.uk.  I joined the team at the end of July 2015; it was a complete change of career for me but I am loving it.  Every day is really busy, but it’s great to know that we are making the first few years of family life easier for so many people.  

I work with an amazing bunch of people, who all work hard to support families in our area; I am proud to be part of this team.

To speak to either Tracey, Sally or Kate,  please call 01727 260 041

Our lovely partners

Lynn Redshawlynn.jpg

Mums and Bums and Tums Instructor

Tel: 07957 208 613
Email: lynn@mumsandbumsandtums.co.uk
Website: www.mumsandbumsandtums.co.uk

Hi, I'm Lynn and I'm a specialist postnatal fitness instructor and mummy of one.  Mums and Bums and Tums is a relaxed postnatal class, where you know all the exercises are safe to do and you bring along your baby too!

Vicki Cockervicki_cocker.jpg

Baby Yoga Instructor

Tel: 07968 426 650
Email: vicki@fireflyyoga.co.uk
Website: www.fireflyyoga.co.uk

Hi, I'm Vicki, and I am the proud mummy of two lovely daughters.  I have been teaching yoga for 7 years and trained in perinatal yoga with Birthlight during my second pregnancy.  I am extremely passionate about what I do!

Yoga is incredibly empowering in pregnancy and early motherhood: breathing (pranayama) techniques help calm the mind and ground you at this often challenging time.  Yoga postures help open and balance the body during pregnancy, creating more comfortable space for mum to breathe and for baby to grow in an optimal position for birth.  Postnatal yoga strengthens, restabilises and helps to close the body after birth.  Baby yoga helps support your baby in reaching their development milestones at their own pace as well as being a lovely and very special way to bond with your baby.