Childbirth Preparation Workshop

Contact: The Children's Centre on 01727 260 041 or email

An enlightening, fun and informal workshop, suitable from 28/30 weeks onwards, exploring ways in which you can enhance the experience of your baby’s birth.

Rhythm, movement and relaxation will influence the process and outcome of labour, benefiting both mother and baby.  Specific techniques are taught to empower you and your birth partner, helping you towards a safe, natural birth and creating a positive start to your new family.

Information is given on the stages of labour, what to expect and specific, hands-on ways in which a partner can support a woman through labour and birth.  A relaxed atmosphere will enable you to recognise your expectations and discuss your aims and concerns.

The workshop includes:

* The signs and stages of labour

* Understanding the birth process

* The hormones of love and birth

* The perception of pain & natural pain relief

* Practice of positions and movement

* Specific breathing techniques

* Massage and partner support


The workshop can be taken as 2x 1.5hr sessions, or as one workshop of 3 hours.

FREE to attend if you are in receipt of certain benefits - please ask if you think this may apply.

Only £35 for the pregnant mother-to-be and her birth partner, if you live in our Children's Centre area, otherwise £50 per couple.