Mums and Bums and Tums (An INDOOR exercise class for Mums)

Contact: Lynn on 07957 208 613
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netmumsfavourite.jpg   Congratulations on the arrival of your baby!
    Now lets get that body back!

Where did your abs go?  Need to strengthen your pelvic floor?  Want to lose that tummy?

Come along to Mums and Bums and Tums  and  bring your baby along too.

No need to book – just turn up for your free trial session.

What do we do?

  • Relaxed exercise class with a qualified and experienced postnatal instructor, with personal experience.

  • The class is indoors, so no need to brave the weather or use the pram.

  • Free advice and abdominal checks.  

  • Safe and easy to follow exercises that have been specifically designed for the postnatal mum to get that body back.

  • You can start as soon as you have had your 6 week check and your G.P. has given you the ok .....until your little one starts to crawl.

  • Watch your baby while you exercise – no need for a crèche, babysitter or any time away.

  • All the mums are in the same boat!  Everything is normal here.

  • Chat and make friends with teas, coffees and play time after the class

How much?

Come along any Monday for your FREE trial.  No need to book.

If you enjoy your free class then it is £20 for 4 classes - concessions are available, please speak to Children's Centre staff.

Great news - you do not need to use these sequentially (back to back).  If you miss a week for whatever reason you don't lose any money.  Once you have used up your 4 week block then you simply purchase your next block, until your baby is off and crawling.

NB: This payment is non refundable.

What you need to bring?

For your baby (or babies), bring a blanket, a few toys and any drink/snacks they might need.  Your baby can either stay in their pram/car seat (bring it straight into the gym), or sit or lie on the mats provided, or help you exercise.

Most babies I have found prefer to do a combination, even sleep!

For you, please wear comfortable clothes for exercising in and trainers and bring a bottle of water.

Are the classes on every week?

The class runs on ALL Mondays except Bank Holidays - there may be exceptions but these will be listed here.

Car parking is available and is free.  Baby changing facilities are available too.

Can't wait to meet you and your little one.



Time: 9:45am - 10:30am

The Alban Way Children's Centres, Fleetville Junior School
Fleetville Junior School, Hatfield Road, AL1 4LW
  • Monday