Family Toolkit

Contact: 01727 260 041 or email


Being a parent can be both rewarding and challenging at the same time.  All families face difficulties at some point, and can be unsure of how to handle issues, such as a toddler who won’t eat, or challenging behaviour.  We could all do with a bit of extra advice or support at times, which is why Hertfordshire have launched the Family Toolkit.

Family Toolkit is a series of four workshops to support anyone in a parenting role, for example: mums, dads, carers and grandparents etc. 

The weekly workshops will focus on:

  • understanding your child’s needs; listening and communicating; parenting styles
  • nurturing relationships in the home: praise and encouragement and family wellbeing 
  • understanding and managing behaviour: rules and routines and dealing with conflict 
  • early child development: attachment, and how your child learns through play

If you're interested in attending this course, please complete and return the Parenting Application Form that can be downloaded by clicking here.  For details and dates of forthcoming courses, please contact the Children's Centre on 01727 260 041.

canparent_quality_mark.jpgHertfordshire County Council's Family Toolkit has been awarded the CANparent quality mark.  This prestigious award is given to parenting programmes that have undergone a rigorous and robust quality assessment process, and means that the Family Toolkit is:

  1. Relied on by parents to make a positive difference.  It is evidence based, monitored and evaluated to improve parent-child relationships.
  2. Recommended by other parents.
  3. Responsive, warm and relational, engaging with parents and building on these effective relationships to meet their needs.
  4. ...and that you can rely on the integrity of the class provider, its professional conduct, competence, financial and governance systems, and data protection/confidentiality, to ensure suitability to deliver a class.