Family Links Nurturing Programme "Parenting Puzzle"

Contact: 01727 260 041 or email


The 12 week Family Links Nurturing Programme focuses on the adult as well as the child.  It invites parents to give time to their own needs and reflect on their own childhood and parenting ideas.

It provides simple, effective tools to help adults and children:

  • understand and manage feelings and behaviour
  • improve relationships at home and in school
  • improve emotional health and wellbeing
  • develop self-confidence and self-esteem; crucial ingredients for
  • effective parenting and learning

Adults are given tips on how to:

  • build on pre-existing parenting skills
  • use positive behaviour management, communication and relationship strategies
  • look after their own emotional needs, so they can parent more effectively

If you're interested in attending this course, please complete and return the Parenting Application Form that can be downloaded by clicking here.  For details and dates of forthcoming courses, please contact the Children's Centre on 01727 260 041.