Real Nappies

On average a baby from birth to potty will get through approximately 4,500 disposable nappies. That means at least £700 spent on disposables. As a nation, the UK deals with the disposal to landfill of nearly 3 billion used nappies every year (8 million a day) at a cost of £40 million.

However, re-usable nappies provide a less expensive option which have the added benefit of being far more environmentally sound.

It takes 1 cup of crude oil to make 1 disposable nappy and most disposables take between 200-500 years to break down. Disposables consume 3.5 times as much energy to make as cotton nappies - that's enough energy to wash a re-usable nappy 400 times.

Parents can either self-launder the nappies or use a laundry service which can be convenient.

Our recycling / disposal advice

nappies_in_landfill.jpgDisposable nappies can constitute up to 50% of the waste from a family with a child wearing nappies. Re-useable nappies are therefore a great way to reduce the waste in your bin which would ultimately end up in landfill.

One of the stumbling blocks to parents deciding to proceed with re-usable nappies is the unfamiliarity with the process in comparison with disposable nappies and the initial larger financial outlay needed to purchase the cotton nappies.

Real Nappy Guru, a mail order company based in Ware, offer a sample nappy trial service. For a small fee this service provides the use of a sample nappy pack which contains several different types of nappies and accessories, allowing parents/carers to try different types of nappies in order to choose the most suitable for the child. For more information call 01920 467114 or visit

£60 cashback for the purchase of re-useable nappies in St Albans District!

In St Albans District there is a cashback scheme in operation for the purchase of re-usable nappies or subscription to a nappy laundering service. If you buy your own re-useable nappies or join a nappy laundering scheme, St Albans District Council, in partnership with Hertfordshire County Council, will reimburse you £60 towards the total cost.

More information about real nappies can be found in Waste Awares nappy information pack.  Further details of the scheme and a reward claim form are available here.  There is a claim form that can be used to register for the scheme.