Speech & Language

Below you can access a number of interesting leaflets from your local Speech and Language Therapy (SALT) team:

Also available:

For more information about your local Speech and Language Therapy Service, visit their website by clicking here or by calling 01727 734 023.

Useful resources and advice can also be found on the following websites:

  • The Words For Life website is run by the National Literacy Trust and contains information and ideas (including what communication milestones your baby and child might reach as they grow, as well as fun activities to do together), downloadable resources and advice sheets in 13 different languages.

  • AFASIC (Association for all speech impaired children) is a UK parent-led charity for children and young people with speech and language impairments - www.afasic.org.uk

Did you know?

Available to borrow from The Alban Way Children's Centres: a great DVD called "Chatter Matters" - a fabulous resource, offering parents ideas to help develop their children's speaking and listening skills in the early years.  Contact Tracey Hartley on 01727 260 041 for more details.